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School Fees Planning

Why Plan for School Fees?

degree.jpgThe cost of independent education is typically in the order of £13,800.00 per child per year, yet most parents pay their school fees out of income without any significant school fee planning.

Regardless of your financial situation there are always good reasons why you should plan school fees. Whether the fees are readily affordable or not, this is unlikely to be the most efficient way to pay school fees. Whatever your circumstances, school fees planning will reduce the cost of private education and could offer significant tax savings in the process.

There are a range of financial planning options available to parents and indeed many parents already have products that could be earmarked for School Fees - contact us for a full review of your circumstances.

We have operated within the School Fees Planning marketplace since 1994 and have a wealth of experience in educational fees planning.

Tax Planning advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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